2018 Illinois State Fair

Governor’s Cup for Best White Table Wine:  The Secret Garden La Crescent

Double Gold:  The Secret Garden Edelweiss, & Honey Mead

Gold medal winner:  Britt White & Rhubarb

Silver medal winner:  Traminette, The Secret Garden Viognier, Daffodil, Eric the Red, & Frontenac Gris

Bronze medal winner:  Jalapeno Wine, & Red Raspberry Framboise

2018 Indy International Wine Competition

Best of Class + Gold medal winner: Honey Mead

Silver medal winner: Black Raspberry Framboise, Chambourcin Rose, & The Secret Garden Viognier

Bronze medal winner: Berry Berry Berry & Eric the Red

2018 Best of the Midwest

The Grapevine Magazine Midwest Cup – Best Midwest Wine from any Category: The Secret Garden Edelweiss

Best of Show – Non-Grape Wine: Honey Mead

Gold: Unconditional Surrender Hard Cider & Traminette

Silver: Vineyard Rose & The Secret Garden La Crescent

Bronze: Cherry Wine

2018 International Cold Climate Wine Competition

Gold: Amelia

Silver: Eric the Red

2018 International Rosé Experience

Gold: Chambourcin Rosé

2017 Illinois State Fair

Best of Show:  The Secret Garden Viognier

Governor’s Cup for IL Grown Fruit:  The Secret Garden La Crescent

Double Gold:  Unconditional Surrender Sweet Cider (Best of Category), Secret Garden La Crescent (Best of Category), Red Raspberry Framboise, Traminette (Best of Category), Secret Garden Viognier (Best of Category), Daffodil (Best of Category)

Gold medal winner:  Frontenac Gris, Secret Garden Brianna (Best of Category)

Silver medal winner:  Eric the Red (Best of Category), Britt White (Best of Category), Chambourcin, General’s Reserve Red, Honey/Mead (Best of Category), Seyval Blanc, Jalapeno

Bronze medal winner:  Effervescence de Frontenac Gris

2017 Indy International Wine Competition

Best of Class + Gold medal winner: Unconditional Surrender Sweet Cider

Gold medal winner: Peach & Unconditional Surrender Hard Cider

Silver medal winner: Eric the Red, Red Raspberry, Rhubarb

Bronze medal winner: Cherry

2016 Illinois State Fair

Governor’s Cup for Illinois Grown Fruit: Mead/Honey Wine

Double Gold & Best of Category: Peach & Britt White

Silver: Seyval Blanc, Frontenac Port, Cherry, Blackberry, Red Raspberry Framboise

Silver & Best of Category: Daffodil & Eric the Red

Bronze: Chambourcin

2016 Mid-American Wine Competition

Gold/Food Pairing – Blue Cheese & Walnuts: Aronia

Silver/Food Pairing – Sautéed Shrimp, Spicy remoulade sauce: Seyval Blanc:

Bronze/Food Pairing – Roasted Lamb: Eric the Red

SilverUMRV: Marquette

Bronze: Chamborcin